Restaurants don't have to be HR nightmares

You’re a Manager, now what? Do you wonder if you’re doing it all “right”? Tired of just crossing your fingers that a tricky employee concern or issue doesn’t get worse?

Let Poached Jobs, powered by HR Annie Consulting help with our Compliance Package.

Let Poached Jobs, powered by HR Annie Consulting help!

Our Compliance Package was created by Human Resource experts with real time restaurant experience.  This comprehensive package includes all the necessary documents, valuable guides, and practical checklists required federally, by state and by city.  You’ll also receive HR Best Practices that apply to the Service Industry!

The HR Annie Compliance Package will assist you in mitigating risk, building a killer culture (not a culture that kills), and understanding from a trusted source what documents and procedures are required by law.

Inherit time, cost savings and resources when you:

  • Interview Applicants (Hire right the first time!)
  • Onboard New Hires
  • Manage Employee Information & Files
  • Build Performance Communication Into Your Company
  • Understand and Navigate Leaves & Sick Time Laws
  • Know you’re providing required meal and rest periods
  • Establish Pay Equity and Employment Status
  • Prevent Harassment, Discrimination & Retaliation
  • Develop a Safety Program (IIPP)
  • Navigate Leaves & Sick Time 
  • Handle Terminations & Separations
  • ...and MORE!
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    Check out our Interview Question Do's and Don'ts for FREE

    There are many laws that protect people when they are applying for jobs. Don’t get stuck asking the wrong questions; know the proper questions to ask in order to find the answers that you are looking for! The Interview Do’s and Don’t Guide offers several areas of what is and is not appropriate for interviews, plus, with the purchase of the Compliance Package, you will also receive a complete list of Interview Question Samples!